Selecting Secure Data Room Providers

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A virtual dataroom (VDR) allows parties to securely share sensitive documents electronically without having to travel to a distant location. VDRs have replaced traditional physical data rooms as well as other document management solutions by eliminating the need to print, scanning, and storing documents. Individuals can now review documents quickly and efficiently, from any place in the world.

When choosing a secure data room provider, you should look for an option that has access to documents with granular permissions, as well as security features to limit access to documents and folders. The granular access controls reduce human error and prevent unauthorized manipulation of sensitive data. Additionally, choose a service that offers advanced branding for the login screen to be customized backgrounds, emails, backgrounds and white-labeled URLs to make your virtual data room more recognizable and easy to use.

Examine their certifications to ensure that your provider meets information rights management definition or surpasses the industry standards for privacy and protection of information. The most secure data rooms are HIPAA certified to ensure safe handling of protected medical information and GDPR certified to meet European Union laws on personal data protection and transfer. Many of the secure data room providers are also PCI-DSS compliant to safeguard payment card information from hackers.

The majority of data breaches are the result of mistakes made by users and a lack of robust security. By choosing a secure data room, you’ll reduce the threat of cyber attacks and demonstrate to clients, partners and other those who interact with you that you care about privacy. Secure data rooms should be equipped with the requirements for password complexity and timeouts for inactivity. dual-factor authentication, and IP restrictions.